From January 2016, services and activities that Vínculos Estelí Foundation offered in La Riviera Hotel you will find in Casa Vínculos.

Casa Vínculos

Del Almacén Sony, 1c y 1/2 al Oeste, Estelí (Nicaragua)

(+505) 2713 2044        (+505) 8400 1372 Cl        (+505) 8478 9480 Mov

Located near downtown Estelí, la Casa Vínculos is a hotel/coffee shop. It is also a place to share plays, activities and relationships with family and friends.


When you stay, you participate in activities and/or you use other services of Casa Vínculos, the profits are for educational and community projects initiated and/or supported by  “Vínculos Estelí” Foundation


Thanks! Being a partner in achieving our dreams!

Logo Vínculos

Logo Vinculos